Cost Of New Septic System

The average cost of a new or existing septic tank, or septic system, is at least a few thousand. The average national cost for professional installation is $5,828, with an average range of $3,138-8,518. Septic tanks and septic system are necessary to properly remove waste from your bathroom, kitchen, and bath. Many homes that are already connected to the municipal sewer system will require a new system. After experiencing septic problems, some homeowners might need to upgrade their septic system. These projects, which include the replacement or installation of septic systems, can be expensive and overwhelming for homeowners.

An engineer will also perform soil testing. This includes a deep hole test and perk test to ensure that the correct location is found. These data are used to help design a septic tank that will work properly.

Because gravel is easy to leach, areas with gravel as their main soil source will be the best. Clay soils will result in higher costs as they will have to be hauled in gravel. A high water table can also impact the cost of a septic tank. The local board will require that the septic system be at least 3-4 feet above the water level. This requirement is to prevent contamination of the water source. Your contractor will need to bring large quantities of aggregate to raise your leaching field’s height. This will increase your installation costs significantly.

Cost of Aerobic vs Anaerobic

Anaerobic systems, which are cheaper than septic tanks and can be installed at a cost of $2,000 to $5,000, are more affordable. They use oxygen-averse bacteria to naturally breakdown the waste in the tank. Installing an aerobic system can run between $10,000 and $20,000, as it uses an air pump to aerate a tank to allow oxygen-loving bacteria to break down waste.

Pressure Distribution Septic System

A pressure distribution septic system can be installed within two feet of the water table for an average cost of $7,000- $10,000. Pumps are used to quickly process the effluent into the drain field. This allows for faster processing of the waste before it reaches the water table.

Septic Tank Pump Repair

Pumps are required to move the effluent from septic tanks to the drain field. It is possible for the pump to fail. A failed pump can cost between $800 to $1,400 plus labor.

Additional Costs And Considerations

There are many costs involved in the installation of any septic system. You will need to obtain permits, test the soil, prepare the land, and many other considerations. Sometimes, a septic system may need to be removed. This would add an additional cost. These tasks can seem overwhelming, but they are easy to complete with the assistance of professionals.

Alternative Septic Systems

Alternative septic systems collect sewage the same as conventional systems, but they use oxygen to break down the sewage in tanks. Alternative systems require less land to drain fields and produce cleaner wastewater. This benefit comes with a higher cost. Systems are usually priced between $4,000 and $15,000.


The average labor cost to hire a professional company for the installation of a septic system is between $1,500 to $4,000. The labor costs include all materials and insurance. The average hourly rate would be $160

Septic Tank Removal

Additional labor and time are needed to safely remove or replace a septic system. The tank should be empty, dug out, removed and properly and safely disposed off. A typical cost for pumping out a toilet tank is between $250 and $600. The additional cost of removing and disposing of a septic system is about $5,500.

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