Cost of Installing Subwoofers and Amps in Cars [Car Cost Guide]

It is an amazing experience to install a subwoofer inside your car. However, not everyone knows the cost of installing and connecting it.

The process is very simple and shouldn’t take you more than a few hours. We’ll be showing you how much it costs for car subwoofers to be installed and how much an amplifier to be installed.

Cost of installing a subwoofer/amp in a car

You can create a geek team with subwoofers. They tune the amp using their ears. They will not be provided with an oscope or specialised tuner by Best Buy. You might be able to find a tech at Best Buy with their own voltmeter or o-scope. However, I have only seen that happen once. He was a master certified tech and really interested in car audio. I don’t know the exact location of his departure, but I do know where to find him. The subwoofer installation covers the putting in of the sub-in box. That’s all. The main expense for installing an amp is $70-$125, depending on the type of amp.

Each component that a car audio technician installs is the cost. Subwoofers and amplifiers, due to their complexity and importance, are the most costly components to install.

Installation of subwoofers typically costs $100. The subwoofer is usually large and heavy, and must be installed in hard-to-reach places within the vehicle. Installing a subwoofer requires more labor, so it can be more costly to do right.

The cost of installing an amp can range from $120 to $130. It is worth the cost as an amplifier improperly installed could cause severe damage to your car’s sound system.

Installation costs by professionals

The cost of an audio system will depend on the components. The cost of a system will vary depending on its components. However, an experienced professional installer is likely to be more expensive than a neighbor who has installed only one system. To ensure your car’s sound system works correctly, it’s worth spending the extra money.

A small 8” or 10″ car subwoofer can be installed for $60 to $120. Most people pay $75 for professional installation. The cost of installing larger subwoofers (12” to 15″‘) ranges between $100 and $200. The installation costs do not include subwoofers, amplifiers or wiring. Prices can vary from $300 to several thousand depending on the type.

There are many types of car subwoofers

While subwoofers are generally cheaper than those of similar size, what is most important in determining the cost of installation? The equipment class and quality of the subwoofers you choose.

Budget Subwoofers

These subwoofers are less expensive than $100

Subwoofers for high-end applications

Top-class subwoofers cost over $300.

Subwoofers in the Mid-Range

Subwoofers for mid-range are usually between $100 and $300.

Subwoofers that are powered (active)

Because the amplifier and subwoofer are in the same unit, active subwoofers cost less to install. The cost to install powered subwoofers ranges between $60 and $100.

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