Cost Of Chicken Breast Per Pound

Chicken Breast Cost Per Pound

The chicken breast price is at $2.70 per pound. This is their highest level since 2000, when Gro’s records started. Broiler chicken prices increased 38% in 2021 compared to the previous year and producers’ margins shot up.

Average Retail Food and Energy Prices in the U.S. and Midwest Region. Chicken buyers and other market participants can expect prices dropping about six months after chicken producers have made a profit. However, the impact of last year’s margins is now being overridden by rising food prices around the world. To learn more about how Gro can assist your team in navigating fluctuating poultry supply and prices, visit our poultry market resource page.

Pounds Of Chicken In 2022

Prices For Chicken 1997-2022 ($1.89)

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that chicken prices are $1.67 higher in 2022 than 1997. For “Chicken, fresh and whole”, the current average national price is $1.89 per lb. (453.6 gm)”.

Chicken Breast Cost Per Pound

One pound of boneless chicken breast cost in the United States was 3.73 U.S. Dollars, which is the highest price during the time period. The retail price per pound has remained the same in the United States for the past 14 years.

Different directions may result in different feature and special rates.

The activity index is dropping. While the whole bird category decreases in price, bagged/fryer volume increases slightly. B/S breast offers some discounts on bulk packs. Tenders also have lower prices. Wings are willing to take a chance on a rise in price. Volumes of leg quarters fall, that’s it. We’ll find out how drums and thighs reduce value packs volume and decrease the price. IQF increases boneless products while wings move in the other direction. The deli has a larger selection of rotisserie chickens and a fried 8-piece mixture. The volume of specialty items increases and pushes whole fryers, drums, and b/s breasts.

Costs For Chicken Breasts Are Usually High

The highest price for a pound of boneless chicken breast in the United States was 3.73 U.S. Dollars in 2021. The retail price per pound has remained the same in the United States for the past 14 years.

Higher Food Prices Are Driving Higher Chicken Prices

The high levels of inflation in food prices worldwide have outpaced last year’s margins. Prices are expected to continue rising into the summer due to global inflation.

Since May 2020, when COVID lockdowns began, a broad acceleration in food price inflation has occurred in the US. Pandemic-related restrictions have been eased and prices have risen, but labor and material shortages have limited production.

The Prices Of Chicken Are Very High Right Now. Why?

Bill Mattos, president and CEO of the California Poultry Federation said that corn is the real driver of the price. Mattos stated that 60% of the cost to produce chicken comes from the corn feed.

High Prices For Chicken Breasts

Due to unprecedented demand from China and droughts in Brazil, Canada and the US, global supplies of oilseeds and grains have been squeezed. This has led to higher animal feed costs, which in turn has resulted in higher chicken prices.

Feature Rate

As a percentage of total sample, the number of stores that have advertised any chicken product during the week. Activity Index: A measure of the absolute frequency and total number of stores that advertise each chicken item. For example, a retailer selling 100 chicken items in its outlets has an activity index 300. 3/ Stores/Avg is the average of the number of advertising outlets as well as the weighted average prices divided by the number of outlets. 4/ Special Rate

Higher Feed Prices Are Driving Up Chicken Prices

Due to droughts in Brazil, Canada and the US, as well as unprecedented demand from China , global supplies have been squeezed. This has led to sharply higher animal feed prices and higher chicken prices.

As South American crop prospects declined due to drought, corn prices rose 5.5% this year. This is a 35% increase year-over-year. soybean prices jumped 17%, which is a 38% increase over last year.

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