Coolwall Paint Cost

What is Coolwall paint and how does it work?

Cool Wall is an exterior coating technology that is applied to all types of outside surfaces for maximum weatherability as well as heat reflection. This prolongs the life of the finish on exterior walls while also keeping the interior of the building cooler and conserving electricity. So, what exactly is a cool wall?
Cool Wall is an outside coating technology that is applied to all types of exterior surfaces for maximum weather resistance and heat reflection.

Cool Wall makes use of cutting-edge pigment technology to reflect infrared heat from the sun.
What is cool life paint, and how does it work? A waterproof and breathable covering. Cool Life makes use of a unique technique designed to reflect the Sun’s natural heat waves.
Heat Reflective Coating for Lifetime Plus. Its exclusive formula technology allows more radiant heat to bounce off rather than absorb, keeping your home cooler.

Aside from that, what exactly is Texcote paint?

Tex•Cote LLC is pleased to welcome you. TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® is not only 10 times thicker than regular paint, but it also contains special reflective pigments, which are the same pigments used by the US government to cool ships and give both reflectivity and reduced radar signature in Stealth bombers.
I had a Costco representative come out to our house and give us a quotation for painting the house using Coolwall paint. It wasn’t just for the paint, but also for all the prep work, stucco repairs, and trim. We don’t live in a big house; our home is only about 1,400 square feet. He spoke eloquent about the virtues of this paint.
It’s highly reflective, which helps to protect the paint while also keeping the house cool in the summer. It’s a miraculous product, according to the way the speaker talked about it. He estimated that it would cost $18,600 to prepare and paint our house with this material. It’s available through Costco and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Is it possible to breathe elastomeric paint?

A “breathable” coating is one that has a thickness of 10 perms or more, whereas most elastomeric coatings have a thickness of 8-12 perms or more.

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