Quick Way To Solve Problem with COOLANT FLUSH COST JIFFY LUBE

The average cost of a coolant flush at Jiffy Lube is $150.

The radiator coolant flush, which costs $99.99, is a simple and quick procedure that requires no special tools or equipment. You also get the complete diagnosis and visual inspection, as well as free new antifreeze exchange. In the summer, keep your engine cool; in the winter, keep it warm. Jiffy Lube

How much does a coolant flush cost?

A coolant flush typically costs between $100 and $150, according to highly regarded mechanics. According to Kauffeld, this might cover four gallons of coolant, as well as a conditioner and a cleaner.

Is it necessary to flush the coolant? It’s not as often as your oil is changed, but still, you’ll need to replace or “flush” the coolant in your car. Because heat kills coolant and causes corrosion, it must be replaced on a regular basis.

WHAT IT DOES: The engine cooling system maintains a constant flow of coolant by moving it through the engine and radiator. It assists in lowering heat levels, lubricates the water pump, and protects against corrosion. Even your car’s passenger cabin is heated via the cooling system.

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