Coolant flush cost jiffy lube

The typical cost of a coolant flush for parts and labour is between $71 and $115 for this very simple procedure. The parts will be a fraction of the price, with a coolant flush costing between $15 and $30.
The radiator coolant cleanse will only set you back $99.99. Along with a complete diagnostic and visual inspection, you will receive a free exchange of brand new antifreeze.
Similarly, one may wonder how much a coolant flush costs.

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According to highly rated technicians, a coolant flush normally costs between $100 and $150. This can contain four litres of coolant, a conditioner, and a cleaning, according to Kauffeld. A radiator flush at a regular shop costs between $54 and $144, according to, with an average price of $99.
Is it required to cleanse the coolant?
While radiator coolant is extremely vital, it, like all other fluids in a system, may accumulate pollutants and debris over time. This condition is solved with a coolant flush, which is like a blood transfusion for your cooling system.
Is a coolant flush also required?
Although not as frequently as your oil, you will need to change or “flush” your car’s coolant. Coolant has to be flushed because it degrades with time and loses its capacity to perform its function of maintaining the engine’s optimal temperature and avoiding corrosion.
Does Jiffy Lube drain coolant as a result?
Jiffy Lube® provides a Radiator Flush to keep your engine supplied with fresh antifreeze. The antifreeze prevents fluids from freezing, while the flush aids in the removal of containments.

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