Construction Costs per Square Foot in Wisconsin, USA

A new home is the most expensive purchase that an average person makes. Many people think that building a new, luxurious home is impossible. As we think about hiring a builder, getting permits, and selecting flooring, cabinets, windows, etc., the thought of dollar signs is all too familiar. We understand! Let us show you how much it costs to build a Wisconsin home in 2020. You will be surprised to discover that your dream home is possible!

It is also a place where many people fall in love with the state. If you are looking to buy a Wisconsin house, then this is the place for you. It is possible to ask, “What is the average cost per sq foot to build a Wisconsin house?”

How Much Does it Cost to Build A Home in Wisconsin?

Building a house in Madison, Wisconsin costs $100 to $210 per sq. foot. This is based on the type of construction chosen (not including the cost of site work). Get a better idea of the cost of your home-building project by visiting our Cost Calculator.

Cost Of Home Building Is Determined By The Quality Of Construction Chosen:

  • Cost of the home building (standard grade construction), $100 to $140 per sq. foot
  • Cost of the home building (premium quality construction): $140 to 180 per square foot
  • Cost of the home building (luxury-grade construction): $180-210 per square foot
  • For a more precise cost estimate for your home-building project,

Madison House Building Cost:

The cost to build a house or apartment in Madison, Wisconsin is between $100 and $210 per square feet depending on the type of construction.

I used “Class 5 Average Standard Quality” to calculate the cost of building in Appleton, WI. Zip code 54911. This resulted in a cost of $257,721 with a $30,825 General Contractor Markup. This is an average cost of $157 per square. ft.

The cost of building a house in Wisconsin (WI), according to recent estimates, is between $320,000 and $480,000. From start to finish, the entire process of building a Wisconsin house takes six to seven months.

An average 1650-square-foot ranch-style home of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, with no extras, costs around $140 to $160 per sq. This cost has increased to $400 in some areas of Wisconsin (WI) in recent years.

Average Single-Family Homes

Wisconsin’s average building cost is $94.65 per square foot. The range of costs per square foot for construction in Wisconsin is $80.27 to $122.93, with an average of $94.65 per square feet.

Luxurious Single Family Homes

Wisconsin’s average building cost is $407.02 per square foot.

Best Single Family Homes of Standard Standard

Wisconsin’s average building cost is $158.64 per square foot.

Wisconsin: New Home Costs

Many people are confused about the cost of buying a home. Let’s begin with the base price. The average cost of a basic 1650-square-foot ranch-style home, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, costs $157 per square feet. You would expect to pay approximately $259,050 for this home.

Wisconsin Land Costs

Budgeting begins with deciding where you want to reside and purchasing land. According to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an acre of land in Wisconsin costs on average $4,757. Some features, such as waterfront views, will be more expensive.

Budget For Costs

Budgeting is an important part of homebuilding. In Wisconsin, the average cost of building a 2000-square-foot home is $200,000 or approximately $100 per square. This price can fluctuate depending on the cost of materials and how affordable your area is.

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