Construction Costs per Square Foot in Oklahoma, USA

Oklahoma is a state with beautiful rolling hills, friendly neighbors, and a low cost of living. Oklahoma City is the state capital. It’s known for its big-city attractions, but it also retains the Southern charm of small-town charm. It is no surprise that new homebuyers choose to live in Oklahoma to begin a career, raise their family, or retire in the beautiful countryside.

Estimated Building Costs in Oklahoma, USA

A new home built in the U.S. typically costs between $100 and $200 per square feet. Oklahoma’s cost of new construction is lower than the average, which is good news for buyers new to the state. New construction costs in Oklahoma will cost most Oklahoma homebuyers between $100-$120 per square foot. A 2,000-sq.ft. home will cost you $100 to $120. Buyers can expect to pay between $200,000-$240,000 for a 2,000-square-foot home.

Oklahoma’s Average House Building Cost

Oklahoma is a great place to build your home. There are many factors that will affect the cost of a square foot. On average, you can expect to pay between $106 and $116 per square feet.

What is Oklahoma’s average home-building cost? The national average cost to build a home custom is more than $300,000. The average Oklahoma home is about $250,000. Oklahoma’s average house price is around $250,000.

Cost Of Home Building Is Determined By The Quality Of Construction Chosen:

  • Cost of a home building (standard grade construction), $90 to $120 per sq. foot.
  • Cost of a home building (premium quality construction): $120 to $156 per square foot
  • Cost of a home building (luxury-grade construction): $160 to $90 per square foot
  • For a more precise cost estimate for your home-building project,

Steel Building Costs Per Square Foot

This number will allow you to quickly assess if the project is feasible or give you a budget for your building.

  1. An average metal building will cost between $10 and $25 per square foot. However, prices can vary depending on the options.
  2. Cost per square foot is affected by steel market prices, location and snow conditions, building complexity, and construction costs.
  3. Quonset huts are the cheapest building, while modular buildings are more expensive.

Average House Price

If you include properties with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living area, the median Oklahoma home is worth $170,000. There are larger properties available starting at $300,000. These homes have more square footage and can include more rooms.

Luxurious Single Family Homes

Oklahoma’s luxury private homes are built at a cost of $327.65 to $502.27 per square foot. The average price is $386.67 per square feet. The bar chart below shows that larger homes have lower building costs per square foot. Smaller homes have higher building costs per square footage.

Soft Costs

Soft costs are associated with the conceptualization of home construction. These include the processing of plans, land permits, taxes and blueprints as well as other fees. These costs can arise at any stage of the construction process, so it is important that you research them before starting the actual building process.

Land Cost

Oklahoma has many neighborhoods to suit every lifestyle. You have the choice of living in the city, suburbs, or historic district.

Home builders will spend anywhere from $5 to $50 per square foot for land located in downtown, suburban, or historic areas. It is possible that Oklahoma will have a wide range in land prices due to differences in the cost of living and access in each area.

Labor Costs

Contractors charge different labor rates. If a house is more labor intensive due to its location or style, then labor costs will rise. Remember that labor costs can consume between 30% and 55% of your budget.

Hidden Costs

Oklahoma is known for its tornado-prone reputation. A tornado shelter is highly recommended. Although it may seem unnecessary, Oklahomans know it is worth the additional $2,000-$10,000 to install a storm shelter at their home.

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