Construction Costs per Square Foot in Iowa, USA

Iowans can make their dreams come true. Budding entrepreneurs will be able to build a life in Iowa’s charming and small towns. Iowa offers many opportunities for those who are willing to take them on.

You should be familiar with the costs of building a home in Iowa before you settle down. It is not just about the square footage of the house, but also the quality of the construction materials used. This extra cost covers renovation and framing work, as well as the foundation of the building. The average cost to build a house is much lower in Iowa than other states.

Average Cost per Square Foot

The National Association of Home Builders estimates that the average cost to build a house is $100 to $155. These figures include building practices, land costs, and labor.

The number of bedrooms in a house will also affect its cost. Iowa houses average 1,550 square feet. New zoning laws in Des Moines prohibit homes from being smaller than 1,100 square footage. The average American home has three bedrooms and two baths. Des Moines’s new zoning laws require that all homes have a shed or garage.

Iowa’s Average House Building Cost

Total Home Construction Cost Range: $107.02 – $428.08 per square foot

Iowa’s average cost per square foot for building a house is $ 107.02 for Saltbox-style homes and $428.08 to build high-end colonial revival homes.

Average Single-Family Homes

Iowa’s building costs per square foot range from $77.86 to $119.24, with an average of $91.81 per square feet for private homes.

Luxury Homes: Prices from $294.30 to $428.08 per Square Foot

Iowa’s upscale neighborhoods are home to many grand colonial-style houses. These homes are finished with high-end fixtures and materials. A home in Iowa’s high-end neighborhood would cost approximately $456,172 to $663.524.

Luxurious Single Family Homes

Iowa’s building costs per square foot range from $334.54 to $512.84 per square feet, with an average of $394.81 for private luxury homes.

Saltbox Homes: $107.02 – $133.77 per square foot

Homes in Iowa that are affordable and low-cost are often Saltbox-style. This home is constructed using a wooden skeletal frame and is enclosed with lightweight materials. The roof is usually a gable-type roof with two stories. Iowa homes average 1,550 square feet in floor area. This allows you to build anywhere from $165,881 up to $207,351.

Building a House in Des Moines, Iowa: What is the cost?

The cost to build your house in Des Moines, Iowa is between $90 and $200 per square foot. This depends on the type of construction chosen (not including the cost of site work). Get a better idea of the cost of your home-building project by visiting this link

Land Cost

Iowa’s average land size is 10,800 square feet. According to Zillow and Redfin listings, the average lot in Des Moines costs between $64,214.29 – $68,258.82. The per-foot cost is between $6.80 – $7.66.

The cost of home building is determined by the quality of construction chosen:

  1. The cost of a home building (standard grade construction), is $90 to $130 per sq. foot.
  2. Cost of a home building (premium quality construction): $130-160 per square foot
  3. Cost of a home building (luxury-grade construction): $160 to $220 per square foot

Cost of building a house in Des Moines

The cost to build a house is $90 to $200 depending on the quality of construction.

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