Construction Costs per Square Foot in Arkansas, USA

Arkansas’s average price per square foot for building a house is $90 to $200. This would translate to $225,000 to $500,000 for an approximately 2,500-square-foot home. This wide price range is indicative of all factors that can impact your price: location, land costs, and size, as well as the type of home and materials used.

Arkansas is ranked number 10 among the lowest real estate taxes in the nation, making it an attractive place to build a home. Arkansas is a great place to start a business. It’s affordable and has booming economic growth.

A Little Rock house can cost between $100 and $210 per square feet depending on its grade (not including site work costs). Get a better idea of the cost of your home-building project.

Cost Of Home Building Is Determined By The Quality Of Construction Chosen:

  • Cost of the home building (standard grade construction), $100 to $140 per sq. foot
  • Cost of the home building (premium quality construction): $140-170 per square foot
  • Cost of the home building (luxury-grade construction): $170 to 210.
  • Get a better estimate for your home-building project

Cost of building a house in Little Rock

  • The cost to build a house or apartment in Little Rock, Arkansas is between $100 and $210 per square feet depending on the type of construction.

Comparison of production and custom homes

This article will focus on production homes. These include the cost of the land, permits and architecture as well as labor. If the builder offers additional features or lots, you may need to pay more. Semi-custom homes are offered by some builders that offer more customization.

Because you will need an architect or design-build company to build your custom home, it is often more expensive than a production one. Costs vary depending on the type of land purchased and the extent to which the infrastructure has been built. It takes more time to build a home custom in Arkansas than it does to build one in production.

Arkansas House Construction Costs

Mid-Range Home Prices: $157.37 to $346.22 Per Square Foot

Arkansas’s climate makes concrete homes with brick tile roofing very popular. Arkansas is located in a subtropical, humid climate. It can get stuffy and heat. Costs for home construction in Arkansas range from $282,016.00 up to $620,435.20 for a 1,792 meter home.

Luxurious Single Family Homes

Arkansas’s average building cost is $378.53 per square foot.

Median House Price – Average House Price

Arkansas’ median home price is $149,000. However, it can vary depending on where you live. The median house is a house with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen, living room, garage, and small garden.

Best Single Family Homes of Standard Standard

Arkansas’s average building cost is $147.54 per square foot. The range of costs per square foot for construction in Arkansas is $191.40 to $126.02 per square feet.

Total Home Construction Cost Range: $125.90 – $503.60 per square foot

Arkansas’s average cost per square foot for building a house is $ 125.90 for craftsman-style bungalows and $503.60 for luxury high-end homes.

Construction Cost Per Square Foot in Arkansas Cities

Arkansas houses are relatively affordable compared to other cities. Prices range from $88 to $113.

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