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TruGreen is a lawn and garden service provider that provides an annual subscription package. They will send one of their own professionals to you wherever you are in the United States (excluding Alaska), and they will be able to help you with a variety of issues. While TruGreen promotes extensively, one thing their marketing campaigns never convey is the true cost of TruGreen.

How much does a shark cost

TruGreen’s 22,000-square-foot price estimate
Additional Service / TruGreen Lawn Plan
An annual fee is charged.
TruComplete $1,000
$1,200 TruComplete Plan + Oversight
TruSignature $1,300
$1,500 TruSignature Plan + Oversight

Is it also less expensive to fertilise your own lawn? When compared to employing a professional lawn care operator, buying your own fertiliser might save you anywhere from 10% to 15%. When you include in the expense of liquid weed control and your time, however, hiring a lawn care firm is really less expensive.

What Is TruGreen Lawn Care and How Does It Work?

TruGreen sends a qualified and certified lawn care consultant to your property when you request a quotation. When they come, they’ll conduct a Healthy Grass Analysis to determine what your lawn requires in order to achieve its full potential.

Is it safe to use TruGreen chemicals?
Although the most of them have a lower impact on our environment and health, they are far from being completely safe. These compounds, which are exceedingly volatile, are especially harmful to children and pets. These poisonous compounds have an almost instantaneous effect on them and sensitive adults.

ChemLawn’s History
In 1968, Paul G. Duke and Richard Duke launched ChemLawn as a tiny private corporation. Ecolab, a supplier of water, hygiene, and energy services, bought it in 1987. The firm began to establish itself as a leader in lawn care services at this point, and it began to branch out into other areas of the grass industry, such as landscape construction. During this period, the firm was also chastised for employing harmful lawn care chemicals in its goods, but these products, like its brand, have significantly altered.

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