How Many Words in a Novel Chapter?

When you write your first draft, you should plan out your chapters ahead of time. You might not know exactly how long your novel will be, but if you think about the main plot points, you can figure out how many chapters you’ll need to tell your story. Then you can estimate how many pages … Read more

What Does Contorni Mean On An Italian Menu?

Contorno means side dish. Common items include fried vegetables, french fries, salads, and pasta. Contorni are usually served at the end of a meal, after the main course. Contractions are words like “do not” or “does not”. They are often used when you want to emphasize something. For example, “I do not have time to … Read more

Is IKEA Coming To Ontario California?

Ontario, Calif., is getting a new IKEA store. The Swedish furniture retailer announced plans Tuesday for its first U.S. store in Irvine, Calif., just south of Los Angeles. The company says the new store will be about 330,000 square feet. Is IKEA coming to North Carolina? Are they building an IKEA in Ontario CA? IKEA … Read more