Can nissan altima take 88 gas?

Types of Gas for Nissan Altima

Regular or Premium Gas for the Altima

Choosing the right fuel for your Nissan Altima involves understanding the distinction between regular and premium gas. The key factor is the octane rating, with regular gas typically rated at 87 and premium ranging between 91 and 93.

What is an Octane Rating?

Octane ratings signify a fuel’s resistance to engine knock. Higher octane ratings provide more protection against premature ignition, preventing potential damage to the engine.

Deciding Factors

So, which type should you choose for your Nissan Altima? The general rule is to follow your vehicle’s manual. Most Altima models can run on regular gas, but some recommend premium for optimal performance. For instance, a 3.5L engine is recommended to use premium gas, while a 2.5L engine operates sufficiently with regular gas.

Performance Impact

Using premium gas may boost your vehicle’s horsepower, adhering to the manual’s recommendation. However, if your manual suggests regular gas, the difference in performance between the two is likely minimal.

Fuel Efficiency Insights

Nissan Altima Mileage

Congratulations on your new car! The Nissan Altima, known for its fuel efficiency, typically requires regular grade 87 octane fuel. With a city mileage of 28mpg and a highway mileage of 39mpg, it’s designed to keep you away from the gas station, providing cost-effective travel.

Gas Tank Size Variations

The gas tank size of Nissan Altimas varies across model years. The 2017 Altima boasts an 18-gallon capacity, providing tips on maximizing fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, the 2021 Altima comes with a tank size of either 16 or 16.2 gallons, depending on the trim level. For the 2005 Altima, the gas tank size is a generous 20 gallons, irrespective of the chosen engine or trim level.

Switching Fuel Types

If circumstances lead you to consider combining premium and regular gas, rest assured it won’t likely cause noticeable differences in your car’s performance. Modern car engines can adapt to the mixed octane ratings without significant issues.

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