Can i start my nissan altima with my phone?

Exploring NissanConnect Features

NissanConnect comes in different plans, each offering a unique set of features to cater to diverse preferences and needs.

Built-In NissanConnect

For 2020 Nissans and later models, the Built-In NissanConnect plan comes standard, offering Bluetooth hands-free phone capabilities and a streaming audio system. Notably, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are pre-loaded, providing seamless integration with your smartphone.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Every new Nissan comes with a 30-day free trial of the Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing connectivity for up to seven devices simultaneously. After the trial, the plan costs $20 per month, offering a convenient solution for staying connected on the go.

SiriusXM Services

A complimentary three-month trial subscription to SiriusXM is included with every new Nissan, providing access to a vast network of radio, sports, news, and talk shows. The package also encompasses SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link for real-time traffic, weather, and fuel price updates.

Security Package

The Security Package, available for $8 per month after a six-month trial, includes Automatic Collision Notification services. In the event of a collision, the system connects you to a live response specialist who can contact emergency services and your designated contacts.

Convenience Package

With a free six-month trial, the Convenience Package enables remote operation of various vehicle functions through the smartphone app. This includes starting and stopping the engine, locking and unlocking doors, receiving real-time vehicle updates, and more. Post-trial, the service costs $8 per month.

Premium Package

Combining the Convenience and Security Packages, the Premium Package, priced at $12.99 monthly, offers a comprehensive suite of features for an enhanced driving experience.

Select Package

New Nissan owners receive a five-year subscription to the Select Package at no cost. This package integrates NissanConnect Service Skill with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Action, allowing you to control your Nissan using voice commands.

Plus Package

The Plus Package enhances your driving experience with Connected Search, automatic map updates, Premium Traffic, and weather reports from TomTom. It ensures you stay informed and navigate efficiently.

Remote Engine Start/Stop with NissanConnect Services

For those seeking advanced control, NissanConnect Services offer Remote Engine Start/Stop functionality. Let’s explore the details.

Getting Started

Enrolling in NissanConnect Services is simple. If you purchased a new vehicle, ask your dealer to enroll you at the time of purchase. Alternatively, you can download the MyNISSAN app and register for a MyNISSAN Owner Portal Account.

Remote Engine Start/Stop

Remote Engine Start/Stop allows you to start or stop your vehicle remotely using the MyNISSAN app or Owner Portal. A PIN adds an extra layer of security, ensuring responsible and legal use.

Conditions for Remote Engine Start

Several conditions must be met for remote engine start, including closed and locked doors, a closed hood, windows up, transmission in ‘Park,’ Nissan Intelligent Key outside the vehicle, and an unpressed brake pedal.

Canceling Remote Engine Start

Canceling a Remote Engine Start command is possible through the MyNISSAN app or Owner Portal. This feature ensures flexibility and control over your vehicle’s remote functions.

NissanConnect for Nissan LEAF Models

For Nissan LEAF owners, NissanConnect offers tailored features to complement the electric vehicle experience. This includes monitoring charge levels, calculating driving range, planning recharge stops, and even scheduling remote recharges via the smartphone app.

Enrollment Process

To access NissanConnect Services, create a MyNISSAN Owner Portal account and download the NissanConnect Service app to your smartphone. Log in with your credentials, and you’re ready to explore the world of NissanConnect.

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