Can A Nissan Altima Tow A Pop Up Camper?

The towing capacity of the Nissan Altima supports up to 1200kg. The average weight of a pop up camper is between 1,800 pounds and 2,000 pounds (907 KG) which means Nissan Altima Can Tow A Pop Up Camper.

Can A Nissan Altima Tow A Pop Up Camper
Can A Nissan Altima Tow A Pop Up Camper

Note: If you’re looking to tow a pop-up camper, it’s generally advisable to use a vehicle that is specifically designed and equipped for towing, such as a pickup truck, SUV, or a crossover with appropriate towing capabilities. Always consult your vehicle’s manual for the manufacturer’s specified towing capacity and guidelines to ensure safe towing.

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I. Towing Capacity of Nissan Altima | Can A Nissan Altima Tow A Pop Up Camper?

The Nissan Altima’s towing limit is 1200 kilograms, designated for use with trailer brakes. If a vehicle isn’t equipped with trailer brakes, the maximum load it can tow without exceeding safety recommendations is typically 750 kilograms, if it’s rated to tow that weight to begin with.

Model YearEngine TypeTowing Capacity (lbs)
20222.5-liter four-cylinder engineNot designed for towing
20212.5L 4-cylinderNot designed for towing
20212.0L turbocharged 4-cylinderNot designed for towing
20202.5L 4-cylinderNot designed for towing
20202.0L turbocharged 4-cylinderNot designed for towing
20192.5L 4-cylinderNot designed for towing
20192.0L turbocharged 4-cylinderNot designed for towing
Can A Nissan Altima Tow A Pop Up Camper

II. Pop-Up Camper

Typical weight and size

  • Small: 500-650 lbs
  • Medium: 800-2,000 lbs
  • Large: Over 2,000 lbs

The Nissan Altima has a towing capacity of 1200kg (2645lbs). This means that it can tow a pop-up camper, but it will need to be a lightweight camper.

Here is Nissan Altima manual.

VI. Recommendations

Safety Considerations

  • Properly equipped Altima
  • Trailer within towing capacity
  • Evenly distributed weight
  • Weight distribution hitch
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Speed limit

Legal Compliance

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Trailer registered
  • Required permits
  • Weight restrictions

Additional Safety Tips

  • Inspect trailer and towing equipment
  • Trailer lights working properly
  • Safety chains
  • Be aware of surroundings

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