Building Costs Per Square Foot In The State Of South Dakota USA

Are you ready to move to Mount Rushmore State? South Dakota is a friendly, affordable state that is perfect for outdoor adventures. South Dakota is home to everything you need, from the Black Hills to Badlands.

Sioux Falls was named after the Sioux tribe, a group of Native Americans. It is also home to the Big Sioux river falls, which are located just a few blocks from downtown. It is South Dakota’s largest city (SD) and the seat of Minnehaha County. There are many attractions in the city, including the Shoto-Teien Japanese Gardens as well as one of the few bronze casts of Michaelangelo’s statue of David.

Cost Of Building A House In Sioux Falls (South Dakota)

Cost Of Home Building Is Determined By The Quality Of Construction Chosen:

  • Cost of a home building (standard grade construction), is $90 to $130 per sq. foot.
  • Cost of a home building (premium quality construction): $130-170 per square foot
  • Cost of a home building (luxury-grade construction): $170-210 per square foot
  • For a more precise cost estimate for your home-building project,

Cost Of Building A House In Sioux Falls

The cost to build a house is $90 to $210 depending on the quality of construction.

Costs Compared

Forbes estimates that it will cost on average $204,420 for South Dakota to build a home. This makes South Dakota the tenth-lowest average cost for a home built in the United States.

Land Cost

There are many factors that can affect the price of land, including its topography, proximity to commercial and residential areas, as well as amenities. Sioux Falls land prices start at $40,000 and you can get a 5,980-square foot property on Zillow for that price. The most expensive piece on Zillow currently is a 2.7-acre parcel listed at $425,000.

The Average House Building Cost

You can expect a wide range of results when you ask for an average such as this. It will vary depending on who the data came from, how many people answered, and the source of the data. Here are some estimates that can be trusted. The average cost to build a single-family home in the United States is…

  • According to HomeAdvisor’s 2021 estimates, $311,455,
  • According to the 2020 National Association of Home Builders study, $296,652,
  • According to U.S. Census Bureau 2022 data, $281,000.700 is the median contract price

Median House Price – Average House Price

In South Dakota, the median home value is $280,000 in May 2022. This is an increase from $245,000 in 2021 and $219,000 in 2020. Despite the increased prices, South Dakota is still an affordable state for a quality home at a reasonable price.

According to Forbes, a home measuring 2,000 square feet costs on average $300,000. In South Dakota, it would cost $204,420. A local contractor in Sioux Falls shared that the cost to build a single-family home custom designed can range from $154,185 up to $477,534 depending upon many factors such as the location of the property, client preferences, materials, and design.

Best Single Family Homes of Standard Standard

South Dakota’s average building cost is $149.12 per square foot. It ranges between $127.37 and $193.46 per square feet.

Luxurious Single Family Homes

South Dakota’s average building cost is $382.60 per square foot. It ranges between $324.20 and $496.98 per square feet.

Labor, Materials, & Lot

While there are many costs associated with building a home, the main ones include labor, materials and land. The labor costs represent about 20-40 percent of total construction expenses.

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