Building a House in Hawaii Cost

If you are interested in building a home on the Hawaiian Islands, you should be prepared to spend more than you would in the rest of the U.S. According to GoBankingRates the average cost of building a house in Hawaii was $288,066, which is the highest price among all 50 states. GoBankingRates also found that Hawaii has the highest hourly labor cost at $27.01 an hour.

Cost of Building a House on Hawai’i

This difference in cost can be confusing when you consider that the average cost to build a house on the mainland is $150 per square feet and $500 for custom or luxury homes. Keep in mind that the Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated population center on the planet. California is 2,390 miles away. reports that building a custom home in Hawaii can run as low as $160 to as high as $900 per sq foot depending on features and location. It also depends on whether you hire a contractor. If you do it yourself, the cost can be closer to $160. If you would prefer to build the house yourself, expect to spend more time.

Average price per square foot to build your home in Hawaii

For a 2,500-square foot house, the price per square feet in Hawaii is between $160 and $900. Prices can vary depending on where you live in Hawaii and the cost of land, labour, and materials.

Prices can vary depending on whether you choose to hire a general contractor, or go the owner-builder route. We’ve seen the lowest-average price for a single-family home at $250 per square feet from friends and contractors.

Multi-family home

  • Low per square foot – $205
  • High per square foot – $455

Single-family home

  • Low per square foot – $290
  • High per square foot – $780

Additional Costs to Build a House in Hawaii

The cost of adding appliances and features to your home will impact the final price. First, you need to decide what items you want to include in the construction. Next, set a budget.


Cabinets made in China can be up to three times cheaper than those made in America. Particleboard and solid wood are some of the most cost-saving materials for cabinets.


You can choose between a luxurious model with thick flooring or a more economical model with less than ten millimetres. You can choose flooring with an underlayment such as moisture barrier or soundproofing if you have a large budget. Laminate and vinyl flooring are popular choices.


The cost of a roof installation can range from $110 to $480 per square feet. A roof tear-off can cost $100 per square foot. Cost depends on the quality of the roof, the size of the roof, labour costs, and the type of roof.

The Average Price To Build A House in Hawaii

To build a house for a single family, the cost of construction can range from $290 to $800.

To build a home in Hawaii, you will need to spend approximately $205 to $460 per square feet for a multi-family home.

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