Brake controller installation cost

Elecbrakes may not appear to be the cheapest brake controller on the market, but after installation costs are included in, Elecbrakes will save you money. It will also last the longest, and you will not be charged for re-installation on any future automobiles. Elecbrakes allows you to save even more money throughout the life of your brake controller.

Rock chip repair cost

A brake controller has the potential to alter your life. It may even save your life if you’re pulling an extremely big cargo. The ability to manage the brakes on your trailer may be really useful on the road. It’s critical to have this equipment on hand in case of an emergency, especially if you’re towing your automobile on a trailer.

What is the typical cost of a brake controller installation? For average, the controller will cost between $60.00 and $340, with labour costing up to $300 on the more sophisticated setups.

Splice-in Option for Brake Controller Wiring

Step 1: Disconnect the battery from the car.

Step 2: Determine the location of the brake controller wiring.

Step 3: Figure out how to connect the wires.

Splice color-coded wires together in step four.

Step 5: Connect the brake controller to the quick plug and secure it in place.

Step 6: Connect the battery to the power cable.

How much does it cost to install a brake controller on average?

We’ll look at the prices of several brake controllers below, taking into consideration the various designs and kinds.

After that, we’ll look at some of the extra costs associated with installing a brake controller.

Costs of Brake Controllers (Parts Only)

Proportional Time-Delayed Controller Type
$85.00 $60.00\sWireless
$240.00 —\sTrailer-Mounted $340.00 —\sDashboard-Mounted
$200.00 $180.00

Is it possible to tow a trailer equipped with electronic brakes without using a controller?

Without a brake controller, electric trailer brakes will not operate. Towing a trailer with electronic brakes will need the use of a brake controller. Surge brakes, on the other hand, are available on some trailers. These are hydraulic brakes that operate the brakes using the trailer’s own weight and movement.

What are wireless brake controllers and how do they work?

The Prodigy RF Brake Controller has an accelerometer that detects vehicle slowing and distributes power to the trailer brakes in accordance to the vehicle’s deceleration. The accelerometer is housed in the trailer frame-mounted Power Module.

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