4 Best Front Bumper Guard For Trucks

Here are 5 of the best front bumper guards for trucks on Amazon, based on customer reviews and ratings:

Are front bumper guards worth it? If you park your vehicle on the street, the risk is high that it will be bumped or scraped by a careless driver trying to parallel park in front of or behind you. The cost of a bumper guard is far less than the cost of repairs or an insurance deductible.

1. ECOTRIC Front Bumper Guard Bull Bar

ECOTRIC Textured Black Front Bumper Guard Bull Bar


  • Outstanding design: aggressive and cool style, tough, heavy-duty appearance while also providing protection and visibility
  • Heavy-duty material: electrophoretic black primer combined with black powder topcoat for extreme protection
  • Easy bolt-on installation: package includes all assembly, mounting hardware and installation manual



  • Compatible with 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Textured black finish
  • Two pre-drilled mounting holes for license plate relocation

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What is a truck bumper guard called? A bullbar or push bumper (also kangaroo bar, roo bar, winch bar, or nudge bar in Australia, livestock stop or kangaroo device in Russia, and push bar, ram bar, brush guard, grille guard, cactus pusher, rammer, PIT bar, PIT bumper, or cattle pusher in the United…

Do brush guards work against deer? A brush guard is one of the most common ways to protect your car in the event of a deer collision. A brush guard is a metal guard that’s connected to the front of your car’s frame and is wrapped around the front bumper, hood, and headlights.

2. Front License Plate Bumper Guard


  • Fits any size, make, or model front bumper
  • Quick and easy installation (under 10 minutes)
  • Made from a heavy-duty, indestructible weatherproof EVA blend of materials
  • Can be moved from vehicle to vehicle without compromising effectiveness
  • Built to withstand all weather conditions
  • Great for new and student drivers, holiday gifts, and more
  • Affordable price


  • May not provide full protection for large or high-speed collisions
  • May not be compatible with all license plate frames


  • Fits any size, make, or model front bumper
  • Quick and easy installation (under 10 minutes)
  • Protects bumper from bumps, bangs, dents, scratches, streaks, and more

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Do grill guards affect gas mileage? Any change/addition to the front end can affect mileage. The amounts are proportional to the size and shape of the guard. Most are nearly unmeasurable due to other changing circumstances encountered in everyday driving such as weather, traffic, hills, and speed.

Should I put a grill guard on my truck? Grille Guards can be an extremely effective accessory that can protect your truck from debris, animal collisions, and crashes. While it’s not 100% guaranteed that a deer grille guard will prevent all damage or save your truck from a large collision, they can reduce damage and save your truck in a tough situation.

3. Buyers Products B5760 Molded Rubber Bumper

Pros of Buyers Products Front Bumper Rubber Strip:

  • Compression-molded rubber construction won’t rust or dent.
  • Hole spacing is 4.63 inches center-to-center (horizontal).
  • Made by a reputable company with a long history of producing high-quality truck equipment.

Cons of Buyers Products Front Bumper Rubber Strip:

  • May be more expensive than other front bumper rubber strips.
  • May not be compatible with all front bumpers.

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Which Bumper Bully is best? The BumperBully Gold Edition is our most popular model. The BumperBully Gold Edition has all the features of the Red Edition plus Vinyl Coated Steel Reinforced Trunk Straps (SRS) for better anti-theft protection when parking on the street. Note: this model does not have Impact Pads.

What is the difference between a grill guard and a brush guard? A grille guard, also known as a brush guard, protects the front end of your pickup truck from road debris or trail debris. A grille guard can come as a standalone grille guard or a grille guard bumper and is typically used to protect from branches, limbs, road debris, and even wild animals when driving in rural areas.

4. KNS Accessories KC2721 Chrome Steel Bumper Guards


  • Compatible with Ford F150 pickup truck F-150 2009-2014
  • Textured black finish
  • Made of high quality plastic for strength and durability
  • Package includes both side bumper pads (left and right)
  • Made from durable material for good looks and long lasting performance


  • Aftermarket replacement part, so may not fit perfectly
  • May not be as durable as original equipment parts

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What is the difference between a bull bar and a grill guard? Bull bars provide protection from impacts and are ideal for off-roading, while grille guards provide protection to the grille and headlights and are ideal for city driving or light off-roading.

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