Bedliner Paint Job Cost: From $150 USA [2024]

The cost of a bedliner paint job depends on size, material, color, and labor, ranging from $150 for a DIY Raptor Liner to $1000+ for professional spray-on applications.

Average cost of a bedliner paint job:

  • Spray-on: $600-$700
  • Drop-in: $300-$400

If you’re thinking about painting your truck’s bed liner, take your time and consider if it’s a good idea.

We all know how much a good bed liner paint job can improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. It can also increase its toughness, which is beneficial for individuals who go off-road frequently.

Truck owners who have attempted the bed liner paint job, on the other hand, have varied feelings about it. Some would counsel you to avoid it, while others would push you to go ahead and do it.

Professionals estimate that a bed liner paint job will cost between $100 and $800, with a maximum of $1000. If you want to perform your own bed liner paint job, it will cost between $80 and $100, and if you want a professional bed liner spray, it will cost between $800 and $1000.

The expense of painting the bed liner isn’t set in stone. However, if you hire a professional to do the work for you, the cost of a bed liner paint job might range from $100 to $800. In certain unusual circumstances, the price might be as much as $1000.

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