Argon tank refill cost

Airgas sold me a 150 scoff argon tank for around $350. A tank refill will cost about $50.
What’s more, how long does an argon tank last? At a flow rate of 20 – 25 cubic feet per hour, an ordinary industrial argon gas supply tank of roughly 250 cubic feet will last around 10 hours.
Today I chance to drive by a tiny store. On exchange, I was quoted $123 for my own tank. My tank would be shipped out and filled if I chose to keep it. It takes a week to complete.

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Most residential tanks are between 60 and 80 cf, and will last 3 to 4 hours at a 20 cfh flow rate.
How much does it cost to replenish an argon tank, as well?
Price to lease an argon gas cylinder/purchase and fill a 150 cu/ft argon bottle $75 per year lease, $110 to fill The cost of refills was estimated to be roughly $47.
It’s also important to know how much argon costs.
Family of Gases in the Normal Phase
Gases of Nobility
Period 3
The price per 100 grammes is 50 cents.
Why is argon so costly?
Apart from Nitrogen and Oxygen, Argon is the most prevalent gas in the atmosphere. Argon, like helium, is a noble gas, which means it is fully inert. Any other material will not readily react with argon. Argon is several times more costly than Nitrogen since it makes up such a little fraction of the atmosphere.

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