Alabama House Construction Costs

The location is a key factor in determining the cost of building a house here in Alabama. It costs generally 4 percent less to build your house in Alabama than it does nationally. The average cost to build a Bellamy house is 5 percent more than the national average. However, if you choose to build in Huntsville it will typically cost 1 percent less.

Alabama’s beautiful blue skies and lush greenery provide a stunning backdrop for your dream home. shows Alabama real estate has an estimated average value of $110630 and an average building cost of $91. This information, along with Alabama’s cost-of-living, can be compared to states like Texas, Florida, or California. You will also sing “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Alabama average house building cost

The cost of building a house in Alabama, USA is $267,500. The cost per square foot will vary depending on the size of the house, its location and the type of design. A 2000-square-foot house could cost you between $201,100 and $309,990.

Alabama average house prices by size and type

  1. You will need to spend between $249,900 and $500,000 to build a house of 2,500 square feet.
  2. You will need to spend between $249,900 and $500,000 to build a house of 2,500 square feet.
  3. You will need to spend between $150,110 and $299,900 to build a 1,500-square-foot house in Alabama.
  4. You will need to spend approximately $120,090 to $240,000.

Average Cost of a New House Per Square Foot

A house measuring approximately 2,000 square feet can accommodate a family of three to four adults. New construction by a builder is about $150 per square feet, while custom or luxury homes can be as expensive or as affordable as financing permits.

You might be curious about the cost of building a house if you have done your research and found all the options within your zip code. The average cost of building a house in the United States is $281 226, with an average range between $111,956 to $450,911. Continue reading to learn about the cost factors that will affect your project’s total cost.

Before building a house

It is impossible to build a home without first purchasing the land. In 2016, the average lot size for a single-family detached home was 8,562 feet. This is just under one-fifth an acre. There are no restrictions on the amount of land that you can buy. However, it is important to consider the size of your home, including the front yard. Also, you need to reserve space for fencing along your property line as well as where your home’s utilities grid will be.

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