AES Septic

NexGen Septics offers the Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES), which is a wastewater treatment system that can be used for commercial and residential applications.

Information About The Enviro-Septic System


  • Increase the surface area
  • Increase cooling
  • Increase bacterial growth in areas that are more accessible

Green Plastic Fiber Mat

  • Filters for more suspended solids
  • Protects the outer geotextile bacterial treatment surfaces
  • This creates a large bacterial treatment area

Geo-textile in Black

  • Protect the pipe from fibers and surrounding areas
  • Protected bacterial treatment surface

Skimmers At Each Perforation

  • Keep grease and suspended solids out of the pipe
  • Green fibers and geotextiles should be protected from clogging

Bio-Accelerator Fabric

  • Additional treatment of the surface
  • Accelerates and enhances treatment
  • Facilitates quick start-up
  • Protects the outer layers as well as the receiving surfaces.
  • Rapidly creates treatment biomat
  • More solids are removed from wastewater
  • Assure that wastewater is distributed along the length of the pipes

Advanced Enviro-Septic Pipe Made From 4 Components

  1. The pipe is covered with a non-braided fiber membrane of polypropylene that facilitates oxygen supply and supports the biomass.
  2. The fibrous membrane is protected from the elements by a non-woven geotextile canvas made of polypropylene.
  3. This cylinder-shaped pipe is made from high-density plasticethylene and has a corrugated design that increases the surface area of thermal exchange. To let the effluent out, the pipe is perforated. Each wall ridge is covered with oblique notches. This creates an airflow system that allows for the growth of bacteria necessary to treat wastewater.
  4. The Bio-accelerator allows you to quickly ramp up.

How It Works

  1. Gravitation of wastewater flows to a tank, where it settles.
  2. In a sandbed, effluent gravity flows into AES pipe.
  3. Ventilated, fabric-wrapped AES pipe provide an environment for microbes that can safely and effectively reduce effluent.
  4. After passing through the pipes, the effluent is dispersed into the soil.


  • Removing up to 99% of the wastewater contaminants
  • You pay less and are smaller
  • It is easier to install and maintain
  • More adaptable
  • Protects the site
  • Passive; utilizes natural processes
  • There are no mechanical devices, replacement media, or additives
  • Longevity
  • Conformance to NSF/ANSI 40, testing has shown that the AES system can treat domestic wastewater up to Class I.
  • BNQ Certified for Secondary or Advanced Secondary Treatment
  • Rapidly establishes treatment throughout the system
  • Even more suspended solids can be effectively removed

Environmental Benefits

  • AES uses an all natural process to treat wastewater. The results are 10 times more than what is required by Aus/NZ Standard 547 for Secondary Treatment. This reduces the risk of you getting sick and also prevents groundwater contamination.
  • No external energy input is required for the treatment process.
  • AES components are lightweight and easy to transport. They are made with substantial amounts of recycled plastic, which makes them one of the most carbon-efficient in the wastewater treatment industry. This is especially true when you consider that there is no ongoing servicing.
  • AES uses local installers, locally sourced toilet tanks and system sand.

Design Advantage

AES Installations offer a wide range of design options and are very versatile.

  • AES Advanced Secondary Treatment Quality will decrease the dispersal area.
  • AES pipe lengths up to 3 meters can be bent at 90 degrees to create a variety bed shapes.
  • AES can also be installed on sloped sites
  • You can install AES under driveways
  • In areas where groundwater is high, AES can also be installed in a mound
  • You can collect the treated effluent and use it for irrigation

Why Choose AES?

AES can be used for any project, large or small, including houses, holiday homes and cafes, motels, seasonal worker accommodation and campgrounds.

AES is simple technology that doesn’t require alarms, pumps or maintenance. It only requires a septic tank pump out when necessary, which most wastewater systems need to do every 5-7 years. It is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly system you can trust to protect your family and environment from harmful contaminants. This system will save you thousands of dollars over its life span.

It can treat your wastewater to very high levels. The AES system was tested by third parties in New Zealand and internationally. It reduced contaminants to one tenth the NZ standard for secondary treatments.

AES saves homeowners the trouble of alarms, failing pumps or noisy filters, and sewage overflow. AES uses proven US technology and is widely used.

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