Advantex Septic System Cost

Advantex systems are best system for septic systems. JD Rainwater is an Orenco Certified Advantex Installer who has installed more than 60 Advantex systems.Many homeowners depend on a sewer treatment system.If your home is equipped with an septic system of any kind, you’re responsible for its maintenance. There are numerous types of septic systems. The most popular type of septic system used for homes that are single-family homes is the traditional septic system, which comprises an septic tank with a single chamber and leach and drain field. However, in recent times, Alternative Onsite Sewage Systems (AOSS) are becoming more popular.

For treatment that is more advanced Orenco’s most popular solution is known as AdvanTex, which is the AdvanTex Treatment System. By using the technology of Orenco’s textile filters, AdvanTex can reduce BOD and TSS (two measurements of the intensity and severity of the pollution) by as much as 98 percent. (Learn the more details about BOD and TSS).AdvanTex can also lower nitrogen (a important nutrient found in wastewater that is a requirement in certain areas) by as much as 70 percent. AdvanTex can be combined together with an Orenco UV Disinfection Unit to kill virtually all bacteria and viruses (also required in certain regions).

High-Quality Treatment, at a Affordable Cost

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Treatment Process

The raw water from the building sewer flows into the process tank. In this tank, the heavier substance sinks to bottom, while fats, oils and greases rise onto the surface. An untreated “clear” layer is created from central part of tank. The “clear” liquid which flows into the second chamber of the tank to undergo further treatment. In the second chamber of the tank for processing are a screening vault which further filters the effluent.

The primary function for AX20 Filter Pod is that its primary function AX20 filter Pod is to filter the effluent that comes from the tank for processing. The wastewater that is pumped through the processing tank’s filter for the screen is circulated through a distribution manifold , where all of the wastewater is spread to the AX20 filtering media. The water slowly flows through the filter media , and is then either returned to the tank through an Recirculating Splitter Valve (RSV) or sent to the discharge basin in accordance with the level of liquid within the tank for processing.

Control panels are placed outside, usually in the house or another construction. The control panel controls and manages all the functions of the system to treat sewage. It has both audible and visual alarms to inform the user of issues in the system. The control panel is equipped with Telemetry that informs your service provider of any issues that develop in the system.


Why do I need an Engineer to Create My System?

Systems for septic in Alaska must be designed by skilled civil engineers in order to meet the specifications for The State of Alaska DEC or the Municipality of Anchorage. Engineers make test holes in order to determine the most suitable type of system that your home can accommodate. Be cautious when choosing a team of engineers. If an engineer is able to create your system, then provide you with an equivalent system, or possibly even set it up, then you might not get the right system for the lowest cost. Imagine this way… Do you allow the IRS prepare your tax returns? The ideal situation for homeowners is to work with an engineer who’s not engaged in the sale of systems however, is involved in designing systems from various sources. The idea of putting your project out to bids from certified septic installers is an excellent idea.

Does every home in an Orenco Effluent Sewer Systems need A Septic Tank On-Lot Effluent Pumping (Step) System?

No. Based on the level of the tank that is used for interceptors as well as the pressure inside the main collection line, some connections, known by the acronym Septic Tank Effluent Gravity (STEG) systems allow gravity flow to main lines. The analysis of hydraulics is relatively simple and necessary in order to identify which pipes need STEP devices and what connections allow STEG systems. Orenco Effluent Sewers may be exclusively STEP or STEG or any combination thereof dependent on the results of hydraulic analysis.

Do I have to install Advantex myself?

Nope. This isn’t your grandfather’s septic system. Installing AdvanTex is difficult even for professionals until they’ve had a few hours of practice. Although we appreciate your desire to cut costs on installation, a badly installed system will cause heartache in the form of a number for all those affected. This is why the producer of AdvanTex, Orenco Systems, Inc. gives us, the distributor of Orenco with the responsibility of educating professional installers who are certified by both the State of Alaska and the Municipality of Anchorage how to correctly install these systems.

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