Acura Transmission Replacement Cost [Beginners’s Car Guide]

The Acura replacement for the transmission is more straightforward option, but it could be more expensive in the short run. The cost shouldn’t be the sole issue when you are looking for an upgrade to your transmission, especially in an Acura. The most up-to-date and compatible components assembled by a factory-trained master technician could make a huge difference of cash in the end.

Acura is a premium vehicle brand produced by Honda. It is the Acura division of Honda is famous for producing premium luxury vehicles and SUVs. If your Acura experiences a transmission-related problem, it’s crucial to have it checked with ASE Certified Transmission experts. You’ll notice that ASE certification assures that the mechanics are aware of the procedures they’re using.

Acura Transmission Cost

The price of a brand new Acura transmission could exceed $3,500 depending on the model of the vehicle However, the services that are offered to transmissions such as fluid flushes and flushing of the transmission fluid are much less expensive at times, costing less than $150. These types of services can be problematic for prolong the lifespan that you get from the Acura transmission.

Cost of rebuilding the transmission

Contact the experts for assistance at All Transmissions & Clutches about the Acura repair price and duration. Rebuild projects can require more than a couple of days to be completed. Replacement of the transmission is one of the most costly tasks you can perform on your car as the average cost of replacing the transmission ranging between $1,800 and $3400.

So you’ll have experts who are familiar with Acura as well as other luxury vehicles, and are able to fix the complex parts that make up a premium transmission. Get in touch with the ASE accredited Acura transmission repair shop today to get more details on the Acura transmission repair cost or repair estimates.

Acura Transmission

Acura transmission services are provided through Crown Acura Richmond:

  • The Full Acura Transmission Service includes the flush, replacement of filters gasket and fluid change, as well as pan and hose inspections, as well as an inspection that is free of the rest of the parts.
  • Transmission Fluid Change
  • Transmission Repair
  • Transmission Filter Replacement
  • Transmission Restoration
  • Transmission Flush

Acura Transmission Filter

There are many components in your transmission filter. This includes your filter, that is usually an aluminum plate with fibers that catch contaminants. The filter in your Acura includes an air-tight gasket, a tube for pickup and rubber seal that could all require to be replaced, along as the filter. The Acura transmission filter is likely to be replaced each 30,000 or 50k miles.

Acura Transmission Fluid

The change of transmission fluids is usually

Half the cost of an engine flush because it needs the least amount of fluid and takes less time to complete. The fluid changes for Acura’s transmission are incredibly efficient to ensure that your car’s transmission is comfortable and well-lubricated. If you do not regularly change your fluids each 30,000 mile or less you could find the Acura transmission may slip. Go through the owner’s manual of your vehicle for more details on the precise intervals at which your transmission will require fluid to be changed.

Acura Transmission Flush

A transmission flush usually more expensive than changing the fluid because of the duration of the service and also the fact that the flush does not only changes the fluid in the pan, but also cleans fluid from cooler lines as well as the other parts that make up your transmission. The Acura transmission flush requires about 10 quarts of fluid to completely cleanse and flush the system.

Acura Transmission Issues

The most common warning signs that your transmission is experiencing issues include:

  • A very noticeable indications is when your engine shifts gears, but the results of the shifts is delayed.
  • Strange smells could be an indication that the transmission fluid is leaking into your parts.
  • A simple indicator is the Acura Transmission warning light has turned on.
  • Leaks in the transmission fluid are probably the first indication that you require an oil change for your transmission or perhaps a full flush. It’s not likely, but the leaks may also indicate something wrong with your transmission hose.
  • If you hear some odd sound or sound as you shift gears or find your gears caught when you change them , your transmission is in need of an additional lubricant or something else fragile could be the cause.

How Can You Tell If You’re in need of a Change in the Transmission Fluid or Transmission Flush?

A transmission flush is sure if the system has dirt or other debris. If your fluid is very dark or has discrete deposits, we’d recommend an entire system flush rather than just changing the fluid. If you’d like to have one of our knowledgeable Acura technicians to look over your transmission fluid, make an appointment to book your appointment online or call us at Crown Acura Richmond a call at 8043618447.

Acura Automatic Vs Manual Transmission

Manual and automatic transmissions frequently require understandable fluids. Fluids for automatic transmission are always thinner and usually colored green or red. Fluids for manual transmissions or gear oil is more dense because of additives and distinct substances that help lubricate the gearbox as well as distinct components. Manual transmissions are more prone to a high friction environment because of the method of interchangeing gears so the lubricant’s properties are easy to understand.

Automatic transmissions generate more heat, and the fluid that is in your transmission needs to be replaced in general. If you do not change fluid in your Acura Transmission Fluid, it will be brittle with metal shavings as well as various corrosive materials scattered throughout the most critical components in your Acura. It is recommended that you check levels of your transmission fluid between your transmission flush and fluid service intervals.

Acura Transmission Repair

Transmissions for cars are extremely complex. The decision of whether to rebuild or replace a damaged or defective transmission can be extremely difficult. Most of the time, the most difficult part is determining which component is defective or fail. In the process of rebuilding, Crown Acura Richmond will totally disassemble the Acura transmission, and then clean and examine every part. This requires extensive knowledge not only the components in the engine, but also the cost of repair or replacement.

Acura Transmission Repair

Some indicators that you might need an Acura transmission repair are:

  • The unusually long delay between the changing of gears
  • Leaks of fluid
  • Warning light for transmission
  • Transmission slips
  • Noises of clunking beneath your vehicle as you switch gears

Transmission Rebuild

Sometimes, it’s more beneficial to have your transmission rebuilt. If you decide to opt for an Acura engine rebuild the majority or all of the internal components in your transmission will be replaced with brand new components. It will usually prolong the life of your transmission as well as your vehicle by several years.

What is the cost a mechanic will Cost To Rebuild A Transmission?

The average repair cost for a transmission ranges between $300 and $1,400. If, for instance, your manual transmission requires an overhauled clutch, you should expect to spend anywhere from $1,500-$800. In contrast the replacement of your transmission is among the most costly repairs you can purchase. The cost of replacement can vary from $1800 to $3,400.

Is it worth replacing a Transmission?

Transmissions are among the most costly repairs you can do to vehicles. If your car is new and in excellent condition, other than the transmission, it’s likely to be worth fixing. Other motives to repair the transmission of an automobile include having an old vehicle that is worth the expense to repair.

What is the cost to fix Acura Transmission?

The replacement of the transmission is among the most costly tasks you can do on your vehicle and the typical price for replacing a transmission ranging between $1,800 and $3400.

Do You Want to Repair or Replace A Transmission?

In general, if the repair estimate is more expensive than a rebuild, the rebuild is the option to choose. If replacing the transmission is lower than a rebuild or repair and the replacement is the most cost-effective option.

How Long Does An Acura Transmission last?

The transmission of the Acura will last between 10,000 miles and well more than 200 000 miles. Certain models and model years are more susceptible to problems with transmissions than others however, aside from the inherent problems with the vehicle, regular maintenance is the most effective way to extend the life of a transmission.

Which Acura Has Transmission Issues?

A second-generation Acura 3.2TL was released in 1999, however this model with more power was much more trouble-prone. Most common failures were that of the torque converter the 3rd gear clutch, and the entire transmission as a result of obstructions in oil passageways, or damages from heat and debris associated external damage..

How Long Will New Transmissions Last?

A rebuilt transmission is likely to last between 30,000 and 50,000 miles. If the work is completed very properly and routine maintenance is carried out the rebuild could last as long as an original transmission (120,000 the equivalent of 200,000 miles).

Which Year Acura has Transmission Issues?

According to CarComplaints.com According to CarComplaints.com, the Acura MDX in 2003 was the worst year in the line-up. It was plagued by issues, one of the most well-known issues being the issues with the torque converter.


If you need Acura transmission repair Don’t be concerned. There are many solutions to fix any damaged components that are part of or connected to the transmission of your vehicle. A Acura transmission repair shop can explain your options and assist you to determine if a repair , or full rebuild is the best option for you.

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