96 Nissan Altima

The 1996 Nissan Altima stands as a testament to its reputation for reliability and performance, with owners sharing their experiences from various regions. While both the Malaysian and North American models faced their fair share of challenges, they’ve proven their worth over the years.

Malaysian Altima SSS 2.0: A Turbocharged Legacy

Performance and Modifications

The Malaysian Altima, equipped with an SR20DE engine, underwent significant modifications since its stock days at 160,000 km. With a turbocharged engine since January 2010, it continues to run strong even after reaching 290,000 km. The owner praises its handling, which was further enhanced by replacing stock coils with ones from the JDM Turbo model.

Reliability and Endurance

Despite facing issues like power steering pump failure and radiator hose leaks, the Altima’s original engine and auto gearbox remain intact. The occasional air flow sensor problem is resolved through simple cleaning, showcasing its resilience. This family sedan, used for daily commutes in Malaysia’s challenging road conditions, still receives a reliability rating of 9/10.

North American Altima GLE 2.4L i-4: A Tale of Mixed Fortunes

Initial Reliability and Comfort

The North American Altima, a GLE model with a 2.4L i-4 engine, initially offered fantastic reliability and comfort. The KA24DE engine delivered solid performance, and the car garnered praise for its acceleration and handling. However, the idyllic experience took a turn for the worse as issues started surfacing.

Growing Challenges

The list of faults expanded to include alternator problems, idler pulley issues, water pump troubles, and even major oil leaks. Tires wore out unevenly, and a short circuit led to a shutdown of power accessories. Despite its impressive comfort and performance marks, the growing repair costs and broken coil springs ultimately led to the owner parting ways with the Altima.

Philippine Altima SSS SR20: A Brief Love Affair

Quick and Stylish

In the Philippines, a brief yet passionate love affair unfolded with a 2.0-liter Altima SSS SR20. Despite owning it for only 5 months, the owner found the car to be quick and stylish. The 12-year-old vehicle showcased its prowess by effortlessly reaching speeds of 125 kph in city traffic.

Maintenance Challenges

Challenges included steering realignment, water-related engine issues, hydraulic leaks, and a broken starter motor. Despite these hurdles, the owner appreciates the interior’s luxurious ambiance, quick performance, and stylish wooden trim. The suspension, while soft, met criticism for its ridiculousness.

Nissan Altima 1996: A Global Perspective

In 1996, the Nissan Altima emerged as a reliable, family-friendly sedan with a global presence. From the turbocharged Malaysian variant’s enduring legacy to the North American model’s initial splendor marred by growing issues, and the brief but intense affair in the Philippines, these diverse experiences paint a comprehensive picture of the Altima’s journey.

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