6th Gen Nissan Altima Engine Swap with a V6 Maxima 6th Gen Possible

The Beginning of the Journey

The project begins with cosmetic enhancements like window tinting and stereo module replacement. However, the ultimate goal is the v6 engine swap, followed by the addition of a turbocharger once everything runs seamlessly.

The Challenge of the Unknown

The 2017 Altimas offered both the 2.5L v4 and the 3.5L v6 engines, but the scarcity of information on this specific swap only fuels the determination. Anticipating the need for changes in computers, transmission, and wiring, the project owner seeks advice from those who have ventured into similar territory.

Exploring VG Series Upgrades for the VG Fans

Switching gears to another intriguing engine upgrade, the VG30 fans contemplate the potential of the VG33e from the 1995 and later Nissan Pathfinder. With a higher displacement and the possibility of accommodating a supercharger, this seems like a promising alternative for the VG30 engine.

Seeking More Power in an Aging Fleet

Considering the age of the cars, often reaching the 15 to 13-year mark, the reliability of the VG motor is acknowledged. While some explore options like stroking and boring to achieve a 3.4-liter engine, the focus is on a “drop-in” solution for those seeking a low-mileage motor. The VG33e from the Pathfinder emerges as a potential candidate for such swaps.

Maxima’s Legacy and the Engine Dilemma

The Nissan Maxima, a flagship sedan, has a rich history, evolving from the Datsun Maxima in 1981 to the current eighth generation. With plans to end production in 2023, the Maxima’s story has included various engines, with the VQ35DE being a standout in the sixth generation.

Sixth Generation Maxima

The sixth generation Maxima, equipped with the DOHC V6 engine (VQ35DE), showcased power and style. Available in SE and SL trim levels, it catered to both sporty and luxurious preferences. Notable features included alloy wheels, suspension variations, and an optional 6-speed manual transmission.

Changes in 2007-2008

In 2007, the Maxima underwent changes, adopting a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and receiving a facelift. The subsequent year saw a slight drop in fuel economy but introduced a Platinum Edition package with enhanced features.

International Variances

While the U.S. Maxima enjoyed the VQ engine, the Australian version (J31) shared the same powerplant but underwent adjustments for regional preferences. With styling differences and a four-speed automatic transmission, the Australian Maxima showcased Nissan’s adaptability.

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