4th Gen Tune with Uprev Cable Nissan Altima

When it comes to tuning your truck with UpRev, there seems to be a surprising lack of readily available information. Unlike other platforms, discussions on self-tuning are relatively scarce. In this article, we will explore the challenges and solutions faced by enthusiasts diving into DIY UpRev tuning.

DIY UpRev Tuning Discussion

Many truck owners, equipped with the UpRev Tuner cable, are eager to take control of their tuning experience. One user, seeking assistance, shares concerns about disabling the Wide Open Throttle (WOT) restriction. Despite positive impressions from those who have tuned their trucks, specific details on self-tuning are elusive.

Exploring WOT Restriction

The desire to disable the WOT restriction raises questions about ROM variations. The user wonders if their ROM is different, lacking the toggle, or if the modification involves editing a less obvious map. This quest for information highlights a gap in the available resources for DIY UpRev tuning.

Catalyst Efficiency Code and UpRev

Another challenge discussed is the removal of primary converters when installing long tube headers. The user is keen to know how to disable the catalyst efficiency code. Reference is made to a community member, “seymore4,” who suggests UpRev’s previous capability to address P0420 and P0430 catalyst efficiency codes. However, it is noted that UpRev had to remove this feature due to compliance issues with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The article touches upon the broader context of EPA regulations impacting the automotive aftermarket. It emphasizes the legal consequences faced by companies, like UpRev, leading to the removal of certain features. This serves as a cautionary tale for enthusiasts considering modifications that may violate emissions regulations.

Adapting to Changes

Despite these challenges, the user expresses a pragmatic approach, considering options such as repurposing primary cats or relocating secondary sensors. The discussion extends to harness modifications and sensor placements, reinforcing the user’s commitment to a thorough and legal DIY tuning process.

For those delving into UpRev tuning, a recommended post is highlighted for insights on removing restrictions. The provided link directs readers to a thread titled “Wanted: UpRev Tuning DIY – Tuning 101?” on MY350Z.COM, a Nissan 350Z and 370Z Forum Discussion.

UpRev Cable – 2JR Remote Tuning

Shifting focus to the hardware aspect, another article introduces the UpRev Cable, including a feature known as 2JR Remote Tuning, offered at a special price of $329.00 from the regular $449.00.

Cipher Cable Overview

The Cipher Cable is positioned as a popular data logging and diagnostic tool for modern Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. It facilitates a direct connection between a USB-equipped Windows PC and the vehicle’s on-board systems, particularly the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This enables users to communicate with and retrieve data from the ECU for analysis.

2JR Remote Tuning

A unique feature of the Up Rev Cable is 2 JR Remote Tuning. This service involves users submitting their logged data to 2 JR, who then reviews and provides a revised ROM/Tune. Notably, there is no license associated with the cable itself; users are expected to have an existing license on their ECU.

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