3 Best Clay Bar Lubricants

What lubricant should I use with clay bar?
For ensuring a smooth clay bar experience, consider utilizing a diluted Optimum No Rinse solution. This product is incredibly cost-effective, extremely versatile, and offers exceptional lubrication for your clay bar. It’s highly favored by professional detailers, making it a worthwhile option. Quick detailer sprays are a viable alternative.

Which Chemical Guys clay bar to use?
Professional detailers favor the OG Clay Bar to eliminate contaminants that could clog buffing pads, cause additional scratches, and hinder fresh wax from adhering to the surface. The OG Clay Bar is suitable for use on any glossy paint finish, whether it’s brand new or aged.

What product to use after clay bar?
Following your clay bar treatment, it’s essential to maintain the pristine condition of your vehicle. Apply a sealant of your choice, such as wax, ceramic coatings, or graphene coatings, to protect the freshly decontaminated finish. Each of these options has its own unique advantages, with wax being a classic favorite with a long-standing history.

  1. Meguiar’s Quik Detailer, Mist & Wipe Car Detailing Spray

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  1. Protect Paint: Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Detailer spray is designed to clear harmful debris, keeping your car’s paint safe. It safely removes contaminants, making it a valuable addition to any car cleaning kit.
  2. Preserve Wax: This car detailer spray features a pH-neutral formula that gently cleans painted surfaces without degrading your wax, leaving your car’s surface looking freshly waxed.
  3. Anytime Anyplace: The easy-to-use spray-on/wipe-off process makes this car detail spray ideal for last-minute car care and wax enhancement before shows, cruises, and storage, offering convenience and versatility.
  4. Minimizes Scratches and Swirls: Meguiar’s auto detailing spray contains lubricants that help keep clear coats and single-stage car paint cleaner by allowing abrasive dust and debris to glide off without leaving scratches and swirls.
  5. Act Fast: This product is handy for taking care of light contaminants like fingerprints, freshwater spots, dust, and bird droppings instantly. It’s rated 5.0 out of 5 stars, indicating its effectiveness.


  • Protects car paint from harmful debris.
  • Preserves wax, leaving a freshly waxed appearance.
  • Convenient and versatile for quick touch-ups and last-minute car care.
  • Minimizes scratches and swirls on the paint.
  • Effective at removing light contaminants.
  • Positive reviews from customers for its ease of use and effectiveness.


  • One review mentions that it can be streaky and may require multiple passes for residue-free results when used for a quick shine.
  • The product may occasionally leak during shipping, as noted by a few customers.

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What is the best lubricant for clay towels?
Our top pick for effective lubrication when using clay towels is Chemical Guys Clay Luber. Chemical Guys are renowned for consistently delivering quality detailing products at affordable prices, and their clay luber is no exception. While you may experience some initial friction during the first pass, it quickly dissipates.

2. Chemical Guys WAC_CLY_100_16 Clay Luber Synthetic

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  1. Slick Surface for Clay Bar: Clay Luber creates a slick lubrication layer between the clay bar and your car’s paintwork, ensuring that the clay bar or synthetic substitute glides smoothly without getting stuck or damaging the surface.
  2. Lube Your Clay, Mitt, or Block: You can use Clay Luber on your clay bar, block, or wash mitt to reduce friction. This helps your clay bar effectively remove contaminants without causing extra scratches and damage as the contamination clogs polishing pads.
  3. Works with Every Type of Clay: Clay Luber features a non-caustic formula that extends the life and effectiveness of your clay bar or clay block. It achieves this by using synthetic wetting agents and slick lubricants, creating a super slick and low-friction environment for the clay.
  4. Shine & Protect Your Ride: By using Clay Luber, you can create a super slippery surface while detailing your vehicle. This not only restores a smooth, glass-like finish but also helps prevent scratching and swirling, thus extending the life of your paintwork.
  5. The Go-To Brand in Car Care: Chemical Guys is a trusted brand known for providing high-quality car care products and excellent customer support. Their products are favored by both beginners and professionals.


  • Provides a slick surface for effective clay bar use.
  • Reduces friction when using clay bars, mitts, or blocks.
  • Works with all types of clay.
  • Helps restore a smooth, shiny finish to the car’s paint.
  • Trusted brand with a good reputation in car care.
  • Positive customer reviews praising its effectiveness.


  • One user found that it can be used up quickly, especially on larger vehicles.
  • Users should avoid using it under direct sunlight as it can dry up quickly.

Please note that user experiences and product longevity may vary based on individual usage and application.

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Can I use liquid wax after clay bar?
After utilizing a clay bar, it’s crucial to reseal the entire area that has been treated with the clay bar, as it will have removed the existing wax. Plan your polishing, sealing, and waxing routine after the clay bar treatment to avoid unnecessary effort.

3. Car Gods Clay Bar & Lubricant Spray 

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  1. Complete Kit: This kit includes both a 100g Clay Bar and 500ml Clay Bar Lubricant, providing everything you need to effectively decontaminate your vehicle’s paintwork.
  2. Remove Embedded Contaminants: The Morpheus clay bar effectively removes even the finest contaminants from the surface of your vehicle’s paint, enhancing the texture and quality of the paintwork.
  3. Longer Lasting Wax: Using the clay bar kit results in a super-smooth surface, allowing wax to adhere better and last longer, thereby improving the durability of your vehicle’s wax protection.
  4. Better Polishing: Claying your vehicle’s surface makes the polishing stage of detailing more efficient and the final results more refined. This results in a high-quality, blemish-free finish.
  5. Safe to Use: The product is suitable for use on all types of bodywork and paint finishes, ensuring versatility and compatibility.


  • Complete kit with both clay bar and lubricant.
  • Effective at removing contaminants from paintwork.
  • Enhances wax durability by providing a smooth surface.
  • Improves the efficiency and refinement of the polishing stage.
  • Safe for use on various bodywork and paint finishes.

Customer Reviews:

  • Quick delivery and a good clay bar, suitable for both amateurs and first-time users.
  • The product is considered of good quality and effectively removes contaminants from older car surfaces.

Please note that individual results may vary based on the user’s experience and skill level.

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What spray to use with synthetic clay bar?
For synthetic clay bars, you can consider the pure-synthetic Clay Luber formula, which is safe for use on any car exterior surface washable with soap and water. It works perfectly well with both traditional clay bars and synthetic rubber clay bar substitutes. Opting for Chemical Guys Clay Luber will restore a smooth-as-glass feel and enhance shine after every clay bar service.

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