2013 Nissan Altima 2 5 S P0014 Code

Causes of the DTC P0014 Nissan

1. Dirty Oil

  • The exhaust valve timing control solenoid valve relies on oil flow for timing control.
  • Dirty oil can cause the valve to stick open or close.

2. Faulty Components

  • Exhaust valve timing control solenoid valve malfunction.
  • Crankshaft position sensor (POS) or camshaft position sensor failure.
  • Issues with the exhaust valve timing control solenoid valve harness.

Code P0014 Nissan Tech Notes

  • Oil Maintenance:
    • Since the solenoid valve uses oil flow for control, changing engine oil and filter can resolve the issue.
    • Resetting the engine code is recommended after oil maintenance.
  • Factory Service Bulletin:
    • Certain Nissan models (2009-2012 Maxima) may have a specific service bulletin related to OBDII Code P0014.

Diagnosing and Fixing DTC P0014 Nissan

Diagnosing the Code

  • Visually inspect wiring harness and connectors.
  • Check for damaged components and inspect connector pins for any issues.

Cost of Diagnosis

  • Labor typically involves 1.0 hour.
  • Costs vary depending on location, vehicle make and model, and engine type.

Understanding the P0014 Nissan Code

Code Detection

  • Triggered when there is a gap between the angle of the target and the phase-control angle degree.
  • The valve stops working, leading to the ECM triggering the P0014 code.

Symptoms of Code P0014 Nissan

  • Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light).
  • Engine Lack/Loss of Power.
  • Engine Rough Idle.

Mechanism Behind P0014 Nissan Code

  • Hydraulic control of cam phases using fixed operating angle of the exhaust valve.
  • ECM sends pulse duty signals to the solenoid valve, controlling intake valve timing.

What Does the Code P0014 Mean?


  • P0014 is a generic powertrain code related to variable timing of valves in the engine.
  • Applies to OBD-II equipped vehicles with variable timing systems.

Specifics of Code P0014

  • Refers to over-advanced timing of the camshaft in the bank containing cylinder 1, specifically in the exhaust, rear, or right position.

Symptoms and Causes of Code P0014


  • Rough engine operation, hard starting, poor idling, and engine stalling.


  • Incorrect camshaft timing.
  • Failed or stuck open valve control solenoid.
  • Faulty wiring in the valve control solenoid system.
  • Restrictive oil flow to and from camshaft phasers.

Case Study: P0014 Code in a Nissan Altima

Vehicle Symptoms

  • Rough idle, stuttering, and RPM fluctuations.
  • P0014 code displayed with potential sensor and timing chain concerns.

Diagnosis and Resolution

  • Replacing camshaft sensor and considering crankshaft sensor replacement.
  • User exploration of online forums to understand potential causes and solutions.

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