2011 Nissan Altima Bluetooth Module Location

If you’re looking to enhance your Nissan Altima with Bluetooth functionality, you may wonder about the location of the Bluetooth module. In this guide, we’ll explore insights from the community and information on available modules.

Locating the Bluetooth Module

Article 1 Insights: According to user experiences, the Bluetooth module in a Nissan Altima is situated behind the “Luggage side lower finisher RH” on the passenger side. To enable steering wheel controls, specific pin connections must be made, such as connecting pin 22 to pin 15, pin 19 to pin 16, and pin 20 to pin 13. It’s crucial to leave the Bluetooth connector disconnected for proper functionality.

Article 2 Findings: For those seeking a replacement Bluetooth module, a new OEM module is available for 2011-2012 Altima models and 2013 Altima Coupes. Priced at $55.00, this module was part of an add-on kit and mounts behind the map light in the roof. It’s emphasized that the module is never installed, making it a desirable option for Altima owners.

Installation Challenges and Tips

Article 1 Installation Tips: To access the Bluetooth module, part 20 (side trim) needs attention. While removal might seem daunting, it’s clarified that it doesn’t have to come off entirely. Users have successfully completed this task in less than 5 minutes. Additionally, insights on reusing the factory XM Antenna are shared, offering extra value for those with specific requirements.

Article 2 Installation Challenges: For Altima owners looking to upgrade their stock stereo and utilize Bluetooth buttons, there’s a need to modify wiring in the connector leading to the Bluetooth module. The challenge is revealed in the requirement to take out rear seats and the trim panel. However, community members express hesitation in doing so unless absolutely necessary.

Compatibility with Steering Wheel Controls

Article 1 Steering Wheel Control Integration: The article provides information on integrating steering wheel controls, emphasizing the need to program specific functions manually, especially with the Axxess ASWC-1 module. Details include programming Voice Command for short and long presses and reprogramming Answer/Hang-Up functions for optimal performance.

Article 2 Steering Wheel Control Compatibility: While users express concerns about potential difficulties in accessing the Bluetooth module, there’s no mention of steering wheel control compatibility. However, the emphasis on the need for wiring changes indicates that ensuring proper integration is crucial for the desired functionality.

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