10 Common AMSOIL Problems & Solutions

Welcome to our guide on typical AMSOIL glitches. Whether you’re an experienced user or a newbie, this guide will help you navigate through potential snags and find solutions.

AMSOIL is a respected brand for synthetic lubricants, but like any product, it’s not immune to hiccups. In this guide, we’ll address standard problems, their causes, and how to fix them.

Is AMSOIL truly better than Mobil 1? Not only does AMSOIL exceed industry standards and outperform competing brands, it combats viscosity breakdown 46% better than Mobil 1. It’s constructed to endure the devastating effects of high-horsepower, modern engines, and offer maximum protection.

Is AMSOIL the best artificial oil? The brief answer? We think AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is the best artificial motor oil.

1. Mixing Oil Brands

  • Problem: Blending different oil brands can lead to compatibility and performance hitches.
  • Solution: Stick with one oil brand throughout your vehicle’s lifespan for consistent results and avoid potential complications.

How many miles can AMSOIL last? Normal Service – Up to 25,000 miles (40,200 km), 700 hours of operation or one year, whichever comes first, in personal vehicles not operating under severe service. Severe Service – Up to 15,000 miles (24,140 km), 700 hours of operation or one year, whichever comes first.

2. Incorrect Oil Thickness

  • Problem: Choosing the wrong oil thickness can impact engine performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Solution: Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or AMSOIL’s recommendations to select the right thickness for your specific engine.

Why is AMSOIL so costly? AMSOIL motor oils are designed to deliver enhanced performance and extended drain intervals, justifying any higher price. AMSOIL offers premium products that rightly command a premium price. Like anything of genuine value, however, the true consumer cost doesn’t end with the purchase price.

3. Oil Leaks

  • Problem: Oil leaks can be messy and damage your engine if left unchecked.
  • Solution: Regularly inspect for leaks, ensure proper installation of seals and gaskets, and use quality filters. Seek professional help for severe leaks.

Who created AMSOIL? Founder Al Amatuzio. For AMSOIL founder Al Amatuzio, that dream was to develop world-class synthetic lubricants. More than 40 years later, not only have Amatuzio’s dreams been realized, but the company he founded continues to drive the industry forward with innovative products that deliver tangible, real-world benefits.

4. Engine Sludge

Problem: Engine sludge can lead to reduced performance and engine damage.

Solution: Regularly change your oil as recommended, use high-quality filters, and consider AMSOIL’s synthetic oils with excellent cleaning properties.

Does AMSOIL extend the life of your engine? As a result, many Americans are choosing to keep their vehicles longer. AMSOIL 100% Synthetic High-Mileage Motor Oil is designed specifically for the unique demands of high-mileage engines, helping prolong the life of vehicles with over 75,000 miles (120,000 km) on the odometer.

5. Oil Consumption

  • Problem: Excessive oil consumption can be a sign of an underlying issue.
  • Solution: Monitor oil levels, check for leaks, and consult a mechanic if oil usage is higher than normal.

What is so unique about AMSOIL? The feedstocks from which AMSOIL engine oil is made feature a consistent and smooth molecular structure, which ensures low friction as lubricant layers slide across one another. Reduced friction increases energy throughput for greater fuel efficiency and power and reduces heat and wear for longer equipment life.

6. Compatibility Issues

  • Problem: Mixing different types of AMSOIL products can lead to compatibility issues.
  • Solution: Stick to a single product line and avoid mixing different formulations unless the manufacturer specifies compatibility.

Can I mix AMSOIL with Mobil 1? The brief response is: “Yes, you can.

7. Wrong Filter Selection

  • Problem: Choosing the wrong oil filter can lead to insufficient filtration.
  • Solution: Always use the recommended filter for your engine, and consider upgrading to high-efficiency filters for added protection.

Is Royal Purple as good as AMSOIL? AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil protects against harmful deposits on turbochargers 4X better than Mobil1® Extended Performance and 3.6X better than Royal Purple® in industry-standard testing.

8. Cold Weather Performance

  • Problem: Some AMSOIL products may not perform optimally in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Solution: Use the appropriate cold-weather formulation or consider adding an engine block heater to combat cold weather issues.

Can AMSOIL spoil? Product shelf life varies depending on product design, environmental contamination, chemical contamination, and temperature. Most liquid AMSOIL lubricants can endure for five years if you follow the recommendations below and properly store your products.

9. Old or Contaminated Oil

  • Problem: Using old or contaminated oil can lead to engine damage.
  • Solution: Follow the manufacturer’s oil change intervals, store oil properly, and avoid mixing used and new oil.

Why is AMSOIL not vended in stores? AMSOIL products are not available everywhere and won’t ever be distributed to large national chain stores. AMSOIL limits its sales to small and regional chains to safeguard small stores that offer specialized products and services from large competitors and predatory pricing.

10. Warranty and Warranty Claims

  • Problem: Issues with warranty claims can be a hassle if not handled correctly.
  • Solution: Keep records of oil changes and product purchases, and follow AMSOIL’s guidelines for warranty claims if needed.

What is the highest quality motor oil? Our Top Picks for Motor Oil Best Oil for Most Cars: Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil. Best Synthetic Oil on a Budget: AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil. Best High-Mileage Oil: Valvoline High Mileage Max Life. Best Conventional Oil: Valvoline Daily Protection.


  • AMSOIL is a trusted brand known for its high-quality synthetic lubricants, but issues can arise if not used correctly. By following the guidelines in this comprehensive guide, you can avoid typical AMSOIL problems and ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. Remember, proper maintenance and adherence to manufacturer recommendations are key to a trouble-free experience with AMSOIL products.

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